The Holocaust Project

Judy Chicago and her husband Donald Woodman, with a group of selected artisans, created the Holocaust Project, a traveling art exhibition structured as a journey into the darkness of the Holocaust and out into the light of hope. The exhibit engages viewers to think about their relationships with other people and to our planet as a whole. It casts the Holocaust as a reference point for an exploration of profound issues that relate to the human condition - past, present, and future. The Holocaust is approached as an event that happened at the core of our civilization, the heart of our culture, and in the midst of societies resembling our own. The exhibit takes visitors on a journey into one of the darkest periods of modern history through a series of art works, which include a tapestry, two stained glass windows, and in the main part of the exhibit, 13 large-scale tableaus combining painting and photography. The material in this collection documents the creation and exhibition of this work.

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Holocaust Project

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