Through the Decades

Judy Chicago’s work has taken radically different forms throughout her long and prolific artistic career, although feminist and other human rights themes have long been at the center of the work, as has her commitment to the development of a feminist pedagogy for the teaching of art. The 1970s saw the creation of her masterwork, The Dinner Party; since then Chicago has continued to tackle major concerns of human history, such as the Holocaust, childbirth, and death.


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Painted triptych with two groups of people wrapped in a torn Israeli flag, two emaciated nude figures clutching each other, and four kneeling nude figures interacting with the profile of a helmeted soldier



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Drawing in shades of red, blue, and beige, of a bald head, thrown back and crying, divided in half vertically where one side has exposed musculature


Drawing in pink, black, and white of a face with exposed musculature crying



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Painting of a head thrown back and crying on a clear glass rectangle on a clear plinth, where one half of the head reveals blood vessels